Grade 5


What Home Means To Me

“The home is where the heart is,”
that’s what they say.
Love and care for family, each and everyday.

Home is where you express yourself with family and friends.
A safe place to be yourself, where love never ends.

Rest, peace, play, and sleep; happiness is there too.
Home is a place you feel safe and welcome
building your dreams all the way through.

A place you can claim as your own.
You feel peaceful,calm, loved and safe
you feel like your at home, as if you flown everywhere to find this home.
Home is learning, rest, fun, and play
A place warm and cozy where you can stay
Soft baked cookies, baked on a Monday.

But not everyone has a home,
I hope my poem can give them peace,
A place where they can sit and drink warm soup,
A place where you’ll never be alone,home.
A place where they can rest and play and grow up too,
A place where they can call home.
A place where they can call home