Grade 5


What Home Means To Me

What home means to me is, shelter. My home protects me from rain, snow, thunderstorms, blizzards and other sorts of dangerous weather.
Next safety. My home makes me feel so safe from bad things that scare me. It keeps me safe from bad thoughts. It makes me happy and joyful. It makes me think of everything I have and that I should not be greedy.
I should always think of others especially the poor, homeless and starving.They have nothing and I have a lot. I have food that they don’t. I have clean water and clothes and homes that they don’t. My walls and home are strong. Theirs are not. I have a great life, they might not. I feel lucky I feel lucky because I have a lot of things. I have toys, clothes, a warm home and lots of things that poor people don’t have.
I think that everyone should have a home.