Grade 5

St. catharines

What Home Means to Me

What Home Means To Me.

There are many ways to describe homes big and small.But have we ever considered what it means to have a safe and protective home to live in.Here’s some examples.

What the human body needs to survive.
Many homes contain things that the human body may need to survive such as food,water,somewhere to sleep,and more.We need these items to be easy to access because if it took you possibly half a year to find these items,you could get really sick.Stores(Such as Giant tiger)are places you can get food and bottles of water for low prices.You can also get food and drinks at fast food places(Such as Mcdonalds),Cafes(Such as Starbucks),and restaurants(Such as The Keg).

Family and Friends.
Your family and friends are a part of your home as well.If you live in a house by yourself then you likely have pictures of your family members and friends around your home and maybe you have photos of stuff you did with your family and friends on your devices.(Phone,Tablet,etc,)If you live with your family or friends then you talk to them everyday.Because of this you have a special bond with your family and friends that will always remain in your home.

In Conclusion….
Your home is very important and you are very lucky to be one of the many people that have a safe and protective home where you can make memories and have a wonderful time.