Grade 4

St Thomas

What home means to me

Have you ever heard the question what is home? I have, so here is what I think. What home means to me is where I can always count on being loved in my home. When I really think of it, I think of comfort, memories, furniture, family, animals, love, protection, warmth, dinner, water, food, entertainment, pictures and much, much more. I learned to be grateful of my home because all people don’t have one. I have a place in my home that is my room. My room is my favorite place in my home because it makes my feel safe and clam. My room was painted light blue and I love blue it just makes me so calm. I have a sister, a mom, dad and two adorable dogs that live with me. My home reminds me of a lot of memories because all the pictures I have. I love my mom and dad a lot and I thank them for putting food on my plate and water in my glass. My home has 6 rooms and 4 floors and I am very grateful. In my home my mom cooks bacon every weekend. People say that a home is just a home cause of the outside but what really counts is on the inside.