Grade 4


What home means to me

What Home means to me

Home is a very special place. A place where people share ideas. A place where you have fun with friends and family. Home is a place where you feel welcome, not left out. Some people don’t have homes and might wander and roam. When I hear about people who don’t have homes, I feel sad. And the reason I entered this contest is because I wanted to help another family get a home. If I win, I hope the family who will get a home will feel happy. And if I lose, I hope a family will still get a home. Because a home is nice. And helping a homeless family is very nice. Also, home is a place to spend time with family. A place to feel warm during a storm. Home is a place to feel safe. There is no safer place then home. Home is a place of imagination. A place of care. And finally, there is no place like home.
The End