Grade 5


What home means to me

What home means to me …
Home Is Food. Home is Dad’s chocolate chip cookies warm out of the oven. Its Saturday waffles with syrup and whipped cream. Home is Nonna’s homemade sauce with pasta and parmeggiano cheese. It is sitting down to eat together. Home is where your belly never goes hungry.
Home is My Family. It’s cuddling with my dog Leo and petting his soft fur. It’s crazy dancing with my sister and doing crazy moves. It’s playing basketball in my driveway with my big brother. Home is waking up my parents in the morning. Home is having someone there with you,
Home is Fun. It’s playing video games and watching movies together. It’s playing lots of different board games. Home is building Lego sets and swimming in our little pool. Home is a place where you can be happy.
Home is comfort. It is beds and blankets and stuffies. It is comfy couches and cushions and soft carpets. It is someone to hug. Home is feeling safe.
Home is Seasons. It’s waking up Christmas day to find presents under the tree. It’s eating turkey and watching Football on Thanksgiving. Home is going on an egg hunt on Easter morning. It’s celebrating my birthday in a special way. Home is a year of making memories.

That is what Home means to me!