Grade 4

Prince Edward Island

What Home Means to Me

The meaning of home.

The meaning of home to me is loud beautiful safe PEI peace my family loves it lots and lots they love it more each and every day. My family and I feel comfortable at home sitting on a comfy couch with the hot red sun shining on us, making it nice and warm and cozy and birds chirping outside, so pretty and bright.

I feel home outside too. It’s nice and cool and quiet. Swish the wind blows in my hair, my hair glides in the air. I feel happy out here because it’s my home too, it can be for you too. I see the bright blooming flowers.

I feel home at school too. I feel happy with my friends and my class. They are my family too, they keep me safe just like I do to them. School will help me get a house of my own just like my parents did.