Grade 4

Newfoundland and Labrador

What Home Means To Me

What home means to me is that your always sharing love even in the good and bad parts that is where the journey begins .When i’m at home ,its my cozy place that I never want to leave.Its my home .I’ve lived in about 4 houses by now and it is always hard to leave a house that you love.It was hard to leave my house by my nan and pops cause I loved when i could see them every day.It’s hard to leave the place that you loved the most when they were always around to see you.My homes right now are my homes away from home ,but I’ll always love the home im in just as much as the other ones.the home I’m in at the moment is really great and fun.It’s cozy warm, there’s always friends around to play with and animals to pet .
My home at the moment is great and fun and when people come over we welcome them as if they were at their own home .When I have friends over it always makes my heart feel as if it is all warmed up like the’s as if my heart was the sun the sun and my heart was always warm.