Grade 6


What Home Means to Me

What home means to me,

Although it may just be a building in shape it’s so much more in heart.Providing comfort and warmth on those hard days.home is not just screws and bricks and marble backsplashes.Home supplies you With everything you need at any time for any feeling.Home will provide you with more than a warm bed it’ll make you leave with a warm heart.Home affects your mood it affects every aspect of everything you love and hate.Every home starts with a family the foundation, building it up with love.Although my home has a loving atmosphere and has and will provide that for many more people to come.Some people don’t have that, so make friends that love you and not ones that will hurt you. Have what you need to live a loving life, make the aspects of life the best they can be. Live your live with no regrets knowing you will come and walk through that door once more with the feeling of value and love.So many things are equal to a home like soil,nests and burrows.You start underground not knowing much and day by day everything starts to build up knowledge,wellbeing and when you finally break the surface you will blossom with love and turn into everything your home has made you ,you.Throughout storms so many homes get wrecked and it is so horrible whether it is an animal home such as a nest or a den is heartbreaking and if someone gets killed or injured from these storms it could break a home .Home that’s where you are it’s where you started its where you’ll end it’s where you’re heart is.