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What home means to me

Home is where I learned to walk, talk, ride my first bike, rollerblade, and a million other things I learned to do for the first time. I helped my dad redo the basement, and I help my mom make chocolate chip banana muffins. When I come home from being away, I think about my dog Piper. She is crazy loud and super cute! She loves ice cubes, going for walks, and sleeping in my bed. She is a bed hog.
Home is where I can be sad and happy and crazy! I can listen to music and have a good time, and also have parties with my friends and cousins. Yay!! My friends and I love to play in the backyard on the playground that dad made for my brother and I when we were little. We like to play a game called grounders, it is a super fun game.
My home is a safe place for me. Home is where I can sleep in my beautiful bed, with all four blankets and two comforters to keep me warm. My bed is a nice warm place where I can sleep all night and all day on the weekends. My mom is always there to help me out when I need it. It could be with homework, problems, or just when I need to talk to her for help. My kitchen is a big place where I can have my breakfast, lunch and supper when I’m hungry, and a snack for when I am just a little hungry. I love food.
Home is where my family lives. My mom, my dad, my brother, my dog and me. We are loud and crazy, loving and helpful family who all love camping. We don’t always agree, but we always love each other and that is why I love being at home with my family.