Grade 6


What Home Means to Me

Have you ever wondered what home means to other people? Well, this is what home means to me. I love my home because I can have yummy food I can feel safe and I can hangout

I love my home because of my mom’s spectacular food. I love the food in my home because of the Chinese food my mom makes especially her dumplings! I also love her smoked salmon and homemade jerky. It is also fun because I get to help make dinner sometimes.

To me, I feel safe at home because of my dad. I have him to punch the baddies in the face! I am also lucky that I have a big dog that hears everything he can even hear someone walking up to the door for the garage. Last but not least I have an alarm system and locks on every window and every door.

While home is a place for many things it’s also a place to hang out and goof around. One reason is that me and my brother can goof off and not do our chores. My second reason is that I can hang out with friends. Last but not least it’s a place to relax and watch tv.

Why am I writing this essay? I’m writing this essay because I want to help people build homes and to have a home. The second reason is that I want people to have a place to call their own. If you are reading this you should write an essay to help people have a place where they can make unforgettable memories and have a place to feel safe and respected and be themselves.

Now that’s what home means to me.