Grade 6


What Home Means to Me

To many different people, home means many different things.To most,it may mean a roof over their head.It means so much more, and is so much more to me.
When at home,I feel safe.I feel comfortable and secure.I never worry about a natural disaster such as a flood.I can spread my wings,and I never worry if I fall.I know at home,I will be caught and put back on my feet.
Home brings a family together.At home,a family can connect and socialize.They can make memories and celebrate together.They become happy and full of joy.
At home, we live a personal life.You can be yourself,practice your talents,and continue your interests.And what happens at home stays there.
At home, we have another need,food.At home, you know the ingredients,it will be clean,your use to it, an you can chose to eat it.Also, you don’t find it weird.
At home you have privacy.You feel more secure,no one is eavesdropping,and you don’t feel like someone is watching you.You have room to yourself,can be by yourself, and can do what you can’t do in public.
Finally,your happy!Since your work-free (almost)you feel relaxed and unstressed.You have fun and you can be proud of yourself with no one judging you.
This land went from the first-nations to all Canadian citizens, and I’m lucky to have a home.Unfortunately, some must leave their homes as refuges or because of natural disasters.Some have none in the first place.Everyone deserves a home.Everyone needs a place to be happy with who they love.That is what home means to me.