Grade 5

British Columbia

What Home Means to Me

Home is my mum, my dad, my brother. Home is a place out of the rain. It is where you grow up, I have many memories inside the walls of my house and I have never moved.
Home is safety, I feel safe at home because I am sheltered and surrounded by family members.Home feels secure, I feel secure because I have walls around me and I have my family to comfort me.
It feels like stepping inside a building during a rainstorm, I like the feeling of relief when I get inside after being drenched. When its raining I like to curl up on the couch with a book or the TV.
Home feels like happiness, home feels happy because it is the place I can do things I enjoy like building with Lego, reading, and spending time with my family. Home it feels like relaxation, somewhere I can sit down and read. It feels like love, warmth, and kindness, because I am doing lots of stuff with friends and family.
Home is Canada, it is where I grew up in a beautiful country. Home is nature and not taken over by industrialization in a place where wildlife thrives. Home is colwood in the community I live in and all the wonderful people who live there to.
Home is halfway across the world where all my Australian relatives live. Home is much more than my house home is my loving family my community my country and all the ecosystems that make my home beautiful and amazing.
Home may be an apartment or a ranch house it may be on a farm or in the city but, there are people who do not have a home and here are people who have no roof to cover them from the rain. There are people who have no walls to stop the wind from biting into their skin.
There are people who don’t have a couch to curl up on or a TV to turn on.
There are people with a kind heart and a positive attitude there are people who can do anything and there are people who can help change the world and help give a roof to everyone, and one of those people is you.