Grade 6

Mossbank, Sk

What Home Means To Me

Home is where you can make and experience so many fun and special memories with your family and friends. Home is a place where you can take care of your family if they are feeling down. Home is where you can spend more time with your family to get a better connection with each other.
Home is also where you can make jokes and make your family laugh. Home is where you can get scared together but you can also know that’s its all going to be okay because you’re with the people you love.
A home is wherever your family is, and as long as you’re with your family I think it’s a home. Home is also where you can bake some delicious cookies together and bond while baking them. You can also sit down together eat delicious meals and drinks.
Home is where you can watch each other grow older and more special and unique. Home is a special place. It is a unique place where you can make new memories together.
Home is a place where you can lay down, clear your head, remind yourself about how lucky you are and remember that some people don’t have all the things you have. Home is a place to be thankful for.
Home is a peaceful place, a happy place, and a place of calmness. It’s a place of new beginnings and happy memories and spending time with family. That’s what home means to me.