Anna Gabriela

Grade 4


What Home Means To Me

Home is a place where I can rest safely. It is where there is no crime or racism and where everybody is comfortable and share their stories. It is a place that everybody can love each other and share those special bonding moments with family and friends. Home is not just a physical building, but like a painting in my home says: “home is wherever I am with you.” It is where you can cry and where nobody can judge you for who you are. Home can be a comfort zone, a shelter, and a gift from God. Think of how many people are homeless and we can provide for them by giving them food and a shelter to stay in the cold winter and the warm, cozy summer. For a moment think of how lucky we are to have a home. Think of how lucky we are to be able to afford a home. In rain or shine, rich or poor, I say to my family, home is “wherever I am with you”. That’s what home means to me.