Grade 5


What Home Means to Me

Home to me means a warm, peaceful, welcoming place. When I think about other people having no homes, food, shelter, or even love, it makes me want to give more and help. Building homes is a huge act of kindness. I want others to realize that people could be dying here in Saskatoon because of how cold it is, and that they have no heat or shelter. Home to me means hope. Habitat for Humanity is helping greatly by building homes for ones who are less-fortunate. Home to me means a place for love and comfort. It also means a place for relaxation and family time. Habitat for Humanity volunteers helped build about 60 houses in Saskatoon. We need to provide homes and food to the homeless so the Food Bank and other places such as The Lighthouse and The Indian Metis Friendship Center aren’t so busy and crowded. We need to help the homeless by letting them have a job and earn money to buy food and buy a house.