Grade 5

Newfoundland and Labrador

What home means to me!!!

Home to me means spending time with my family!!!

Home also means to me is my comfort zone!! That I can fall to sleep in my bed. Another thing home means to me is cozy.

Home to me is shelter. Home to me is also fun. My home is also safe.

Home to me is quiet.Home to me is lucky because not everyone in the world has a home or anywhere to sleep at night or even in the day. So we should always be happy for our home.

Home to me is playing with my friends and family, like cards, catan, clue, and president.

Home to me is love with my family and friends!!!

Home to me is peacfullly spending time with my family.

Home to me awesome, amazing, super, fun, and especially comfortable cozy, with my family!!!!!!!!!!!!

Home to me is everything I love my home and I love my family which I spend time with them in my comfortable HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!