Grade 6


What home means to me.

What Home Means to me.

When I get home, I hope to say home, to see you have a loving home.

When I’m with you I take care of you.

When the night sky prays over you.

When your heart pounds, you have me in you.

When I see you happy, I feel so blue, and yellow to.

When you cry, cry with joy, feel my love I bound for you.

I hope you liked my poem for you feel a beat within a home.

P.S don’t forget a loving home maybe a poem with a home.

What home means to me.

To me home is a place where your heart is free but your love in your heart will stay put.

Homes not a feeling, it’s your heart and your beat that has the feeling of your love and care you have with your home.

Home is a place you keep your feelings and memories with your heart and life. When I cried, I hit my wall but then I realized I hurt my home, so then I stopped and there was a hole I felt sad and depressed so then I fixed that hole and I said “I’m sorry home” so when you hurt your home you help it, fix it, heal it, because your home is the most important piece of your life.

That’s what home means to me!