Grade 4


What Home Means to Me

What Home Means To Me

Home what is a home?
It is a place were you feel safe.
A place were you feel good, comfortable and happy. A place were you feel invincible like nothing can go wrong.

Why is this?
You feel safe and comfortable at home because at home, you are always surrounded by those that care about you, people that would give their LIVES for you. Even if your sibling acts like they hate you, deep down they really care about you and would go to great lengths to protect you.

This is why everyone in this galaxy deserves a home not just because it protects them. Everyone deserves a home because it makes them feel safe, it makes them feel secure, happy and most importantly it makes them feel loved.

What a home means to me is that special place that makes me feel like there are NO boundaries to what I can do. It makes me feel like I can fly. It makes me feel like I can be or do whatever I want.