Grade 6

British Columbia

What HOME Means to Me

Home is where the people I love are. Home is the memories, the places, the people, and the things that have shaped my life in a positive way. Home is anywhere my family and friends are, be it an igloo, mansion, bench or boat. Home is where my own space is, where I can tune out, get lost in another world, play games, laugh, sing, cry, dance, celebrate, and do anything I want without being judged. I can experiment with fashion and makeup. I can also trust anyone who is at my home. Home is a safe place for everyone. Home is the best place in the world. Home is anywhere we can sit down and talk, have a dance party together, or just unwind. Home is the smell of gingerbread at Christmas, and the sound of laughter all throughout the year. Home is anywhere my life takes me. Home is the garden my mum and dad try to make look nice every spring. Home is my bookshelf with all the Harry Potter books on it.
Home is where my heart is, and home is where I’m meant to be.
Home is where I’m me.