Grade 6


What Home Means to Me

Home is not a building or a place,
but is somewhere where you don’t have to hide your face
Where you can share blessings, happiness, and sadness
Home is the reassuring hand that you hold when you aren’t aware
Where you build memories of friendship, love and care
Home is only made when there is kindness, respect and unity by far
You are accepted for who you are
You are able to be yourself and hold your head high
It doesn’t matter of your size, height, looks, race, gender or what you are inside
Where you don’t need a fireplace for warmth
Where you can laugh, learn, be fearless and it is where affection forms
Your family and friends protect you and are there for you when you feel alone
On the darkest days, home is the sunshine for you
When you have a wound, home is the remedy for you
Home is apart of me and will stay forever in my heart
Home makes a pathway for me to become a better person today and to sometimes make a new start
Home is priceless and should be thanked for,
because some people in the world don’t have themselves cared for
When I have my troubles, I think tomorrow will be a new day
I will never leave my home, it is where I will forever stay
The feeling of home has to be experienced
Home is a symphony that cannot be accurately explained,
for everyone has their own tune, their own light, their own home; filled with sentiments, a nostalgic array