Grade 5


What Home Means to Me?

What does home mean to me?

I think this is what a home means to me:
A home is where you have lots of memories
A home is where you can be yourself
A home is where you know you are loved
A home is where you always have someone to talk to when you need them
A home is where you feel safe
A place you know very well
A place where you feel very comfortable.

That’s some of what I think a home means to me. Also a home could be where you grew up or a place you lived for a long time. A home could be anything to different people. A home is where there is no fighting. A home is where the people that live there are happy together. A happy family makes a home. Here is a poem what i think makes a home.

Heart warming
Only a house that has memories are homes

Homes could be different shapes and size. A home could anywhere such as:

-An apartment
-A hotel
-A camper
-A dayhome

Some of their families houses{like grandma and grandpa, auntie and uncle}
A friends house