Grade 5


What home means to me

Home is a place where you can be yourself and where you can do fun things, like gymnastics, and play silly games with your family and friends.


The difference between a house and a home is that it’s a place where you live and where you make memories. At home, you make special memories with your family and your pets. A house is something that everyone has; whereas a home is a place that only you have where different memories are made, and where all your stuff is, and where great food is enjoyed! People sometimes have to leave their childhood homes behind, with their good memories and also bad memories which can be hard for some people, but once they leave it and get a new home, the old home becomes just be a house.

When I moved homes, I had to leave my good memories behind, along with my bad memories. I lived in the same home for five years but for almost two years now, I am in a new home, because my mom wanted to start a bigger family. My old house still feels like my home because of how long I lived in it.

House V.S. Home

Houses are buildings where you go.
Houses you don’t really make memories.
Everyone has a house.
Homes are buildings were you go to sleep, eat and watch TV.
Home is where you make memories like your birthday with friends and/or family.
Home is where you make bad memories like when you make a bad decision, or being mean to your parents or the person watching you.
Your home is your home and no one can claim your home as theirs, because you and your family live in it and because your parents pay the bills and you can clean the house.

That’s what home means to me.