Grade 5


What Home Means to me

What does home mean to me? It means that I can feel diverse and unique. When I’m at home it is very quiet and peaceful. I can also play with my brother and feel happy. A home is also a place where I can feel safe.

A home is also a place you usually know how to get to by knowing your address by heart. It’s also a place you might have grew up in. It’s a place you store memories with your family. Speaking of family you have them to comfort you.
A house is also a place where you and your family live in not someone you don’t know is going to be living with you.

Your home is your home someone else can’t call it home because they don’t live in it. It’s a place that can keep you and your family warm. If you want you are allowed to have some guests over. A place where you can feel welcome and can know the place very well.

Your home can be unique. It’s also a place where you might feel welcome. I think my home is very awesome and I think that anyone would enjoy having a functional home to live in.

It’s a place where I can keep my most prized possessions and know they will be safe. It’s a place where I can share laughter with other people. I can eat and/or drink water in peace! I can also play sports in my backyard. I hope and wish that every single person in the whole world could have a nice warm place to live and to feel comfortable, to have an affordable place to live. Also a place to hold their family and friends too!