Grade 6


What Home Means to Me

What Home Means To Me

A house is not the same as a home. Home is a place you want to come home to, a place that makes you feel safe. House is more like a building, sometimes a place that is the opposite of a home.
I would miss my family and the way they make me feel safe. My sister is always there to make me happy when I am sad and how she is there to listen to what I say. My parents help me with problems, homework, and guitar. They also are there to make me feel better. My puppy is also a member of my family. He listens to me and is fun to play with!
I also need my food. It is one of the most important things your body needs. Water is really important. You can not live without it. You need food to grow and stay strong. Food is also very important but you can only go about three weeks without it and would starve if you don’t eat. I have some favourite foods. I love Pasta, ribs and corn. I don’t hate any food. I once hated mushrooms but learned that I should be grateful that I even get food.
Basic needs are important like sleep, clothes, and water. Sleep is very important. Without it you can get cranky or worse. That is why a good night’s sleep is important. My bed is extremely cozy, warm and very comfortable. It allows me to sleep happily through the night. Clothes are very important you could catch a horrible cold or get a really bad sunburn, without them. My clothes provide comfort and help me get through the weather no matter how freezing or burning it is. Water is extremely important for your body. You need it because your body is 72% water.
Exercise is important. It helps by keeping you fit. Without it you will not be able to do the stuff you want to do like soccer, baseball, gymnastics, volleyball all the stuff you would like to do. It all so keeps you fit and strong so you can be healthy.
Not everyone knows what it is like to not have a home, they think a house and a home mean the same thing. Some people just say go get a job which is not ok because they do not know what it’s like and how hard it is. Lots of people are homeless or only have a house, so we need to do everything we can to change this. We need to fix this and allow everyone to know what it is like with a lovable and safe home-not just a house.