Grade 5


What Home means to me

What Home means to me

Everybody has a special place to be,
Home is the special place for me.
You can gain memories from dawn till night,
Like a shooting star glowing bright.

Home is my shelter,
It is where I live.
I live with my family,
And hope to be safe.

We come home everyday,
Wanting to laugh, learn and play.
At night we watch TV,
Like a cartoon, show or movie.

Whenever someone was angry,
We would try to calm them down.
If there was a loss we were all sad,
But we all know there is nothing we can do but hope.

When its cold I cuddle with my family,
And together we all drink hot tea.
We get by the fireplace with each other,
And warm our hands together.

Whenever I’m sick and I have to miss school,
My family is always there to support me.
At home I feel happy and excited,
But when I am alone I feel sad and lonely.

When I play games with my friends,
I’m always so excited.
Whether we play Fortnite or soccer,
We will always play together.

Thank you for listening,
And for watching.
I am happy
That you listened to me.