Grade 5


What Home Means To Me

The first thing that comes to my mind when I think about home is love. I think all people should always experience love in their life. And never feel unloved or alone. Next thing I think is family, in a home you should always have a family to keep you company or to tell you they love you. Safety is an important thing in a home all people should live in a safe community and neighbourhood nobody should come home fearing something bad is going to happen they should always know they are safe. Another is spending time with family you shouldn’t always be away from them rather than always being on electronics you could spend time with your loved ones.Health is another one you should be eating healthy even if junk food is cheaper than healthy food you should always have the choice of healthy food. Happy family memories you can always remember even if you are sad or you had a rough day you can always think back to happy memories. Education is an important one you should always be able to have a good education so you can learn and make good success and profits in life. Next is happiness you should be happy in your home you may get sad or frustrated but it’s always important to think about the positive side of things.Also I think of homeless people who can’t afford a home. My final one is Knowledge because you should know about your families history.And you should know the origins of your parents, as most people in Canada are immigrants.You should also know about your culture.I love Habitat for humanity they inspire people to care more about homeless and the less-fortunate.