Grade 6

British Columbia

what home means to me

What home means to me.

Home is so much more than the wooden floors and the brick walls. It’s so much more than a hot stove, so much more than your couch to lounge on after a long day of work.

And I’m not saying those things aren’t nice to have, I feel so grateful that I have a shelter too.

Sleep in and eat warm or cold foods, whenever I want. but home is also a place for love and compassion. A place for everyone to come together and be a part of something truly amazing.

I also feel so sad for the people with no home they have to live on the streets with nothing good.

To eat, looking for the happiness for the love but they only find the scraps In a garbage can.

What I’m saying is that no home is perfect. They all have their differences like humans. Some

Have weird shapes and designs, some have a leak problem. Others have creaky floors. And no

Shame for living in a house with weird designs or creaky floors or a leak. It’s all good cause just

Like every living thing in this world you’re different. So what home means to me is what’s inside It…