Grade 5


What Home Means To Me

My home Is special to me because I feel safe there, I am comfortable there, and my family Is there. These are the reasons why I love my house.

At my house I have a (fake) camera looking right at my mom’s car, so In case a robe comes and he will see the (fake) camera and he/she will run away. If there was no cameras, the robbers would just try to steal the car.

Alarms could be very very helpful because when the fIre starts the smoke alarm starts beeping and It gives a signal to another smoke alarm and another smoke alarms start beeping In the whole house telling everyone to get out of the house. Once there was a guy downstairs that was cooking food. The smoke got into the smoke alarm and it started beeping. Another time the electricity went out, and my smoke alarm said to “test it”. I went and pressed the test button and it worked. Smoke alarms are important because if there would be no smoke alarms and it caught on fire, then there could be a fire that hurts the people.

Super strong locks can protect you from robbers. If a robber would try to break in, the lock would hold really good so they can’t break in. We lock our door when my mom and me go to bed.

In your house it’s always warm. And you can watch a TV show while laying on the couch or sitting in the chair or in the sofa. You can get a nice warm blanket to cover your legs and be warm. I always go upstairs, put a pillow in the corner on my bed and sit there because I can sit and watch YouTube, play video games and be comfortable.

A family Is a thing where you can see your parents, talk to them. Family Is a thing where you can play with your brother and your sister.

That’s what a home means to me.