Grade 5

Newfoundland and Labrador

What Home Means to Me

The meaning of home to me is a place I go to every night to go to my room and sleep in my warm cozy bed.
My home is a place where I can be entertained by my family.
My family is SO Loving and Kind to me.
They make sure that I am clean and healthy so I won’t get sick.
My parents make sure that they have a wonderful job that they enjoy;
And so that they can pay for the bills so we have a nice,warm house.
I am SO happy that I can come home to a shelter after school to be loved and be safe in; from storms ,to have warmth in a home from the cold days of winter.
My parents also make sure that they have enough money for food.
I love my my house SOO much..
It gives me love, shelter, warmth…
I could probably name a MILLION more things that my wonderful house provides me with.
I am soo grateful for everything it gives me and my family.
Maybe some other people(not me) a home is where you would want to create a family or raise you’re family.
Back to the entertainment part.. In my house entertainment means having friends or family over to watch a movie maybe have some popcorn.
Or playing board games,Like when my family does FAMILY GAME NIGHT!!!
I am pretty sure that everyone likes or I should say LOVES family game night.
Family game night is when we have some family over and play some board games.Everything I wrote down is what home means to me,
I could probably write down a million more things buuuuutttt my hands would hurt TOO MUCH!

I hope that the people that don’t have a home will get one really soon .