Grade 5

Grande Prairie

What Home Means to Me

What home means to me?Home for me is an important because it’s expensive and because of this a lot of money is so expensive to keep,A home is where a family lives and if we don’t have a home we don’t have a place to stay safe,if you have a your own home what will you do and there is a mendicant in front of your house and asking for help what will you do?If i were you and you/me are an adult i’m going to keep the mendicant and i’m going him/her to change and if she’s/he’s a student and i have a money i’m going to make him/her go to school and when i get old she will take care for me when i got old,then when he/she see his/her parents i know she will be mad but i will help her to move-on of their parents’ wrongdoings and when he/she has forgiven his/her family they can re-create a new beautiful family again, and that’s the one that i’m going to do when there an mendicant in the front my home (when i grow-up),the meaning of home for me is where you live permanently,for me a home is a safe place to go,where you are with your family,where do you feel love,and the most important thing is where you eat and where you feel you comfortable,the other meaning of home for me is where do you sleep comfortably,is where do you feel safe,where you feel the joy, sadness, and illness like your family feels,and where you have an emotions and that’s the meaning of home for me