Grade 5


What Home Means To Me


What home means to me?

Hmm, let me think…

I have a place to clean myself

Like my tub or my sink

I have toys to play with

A roof over my head

A place to go to sleep (e.g. my couch or my bed)

And when I’m older,

I’ll earn money bit by bit

I’ll go to other houses

To baby-sit

But that’s not what you’re asking,

Oh, man. You hit the spot

Great, that’s hard

I don’t know, I do not!

Wait… I’ve got something

Home is somewhere where I go to get some space

I share it with my family,

My own quiet place

That’s some of what home means to me

But there’s a lot more!

Everyone will have a turn, one day

To open up their door