Grade 4


What Home Means to Me

Home means to me somewhere that I can stay after school,
A place that I feel safe,
Is a very valuable, important place to me
It is a place that I grew up in,
Home is a place that you keep your memories,
Home feels like an extraordinary place to live in,
A place to burst out your joy.

I feel down when I think of the homeless,
Home is a place that I can play board games with my family,
A place that makes you feel comfortable,
When my home is in sight I don’t feel any fright,
Where I’m all free,
Where I don’t hear any fear,
Just when I walk in my door I can notice how wonderful my home is ,
Home can be anywhere,

I think of a home as a place not to be worried about someone or something,
A place that I can here crickets chirping outside in the warm summer,
Home is not a normal place to live in it’s a very important place to have ,
I think of home as a place to be safe day to night,
A home can be anything a house or apartment
It can be a farm or a boat, anything can be a home,
A place that you are welcomed,
Where your happiness can spread to others,
I feel lucky to have this amazing structure always hooked in my mind,
Home is a place to have your family make home more better than ever,

I feel grateful to have a home