Grade 4


What Home Means to Me

To me, home is a place where I feel safe, warm and I can express myself. Being able to express myself makes me feel comforted.Home can be different for everyone, but to me, home is where family and friends get together and spread joy. When I think of home it makes me think of memories good ones. I love all my family and friends. They remind me of home because, when I think of home I think of it as… a pleasant and very peaceful place. When I think of my family all those good thoughts come rushing to my head. Sooo home makes me think of my family and those are really good thoughts.

Home is a place I feel safe to express myself because the walls are sealed you can trust everyone inside. Home is such an important place because that’s where everything happens, your family is there, all your love and memories and everything you own. Your home in a way is like a cake when you take a piece out everything will just fall out, so basically your home holds everything together if you take a piece out all the love and memories will come tumbling out.

Your home does much more than you realize, it does much more than have four walls and give you shelter. A home holds all your love and memories, If you didn’t have a home everything would fall apart. That’s why everybody should appreciate their home. When someone says why do you like your home, people usually come up with a silly answer or don’t even answer, but when you take the time to think there is a whole different world. I love my home in so many ways, some I can’t even explain.