Grade 6

Cote St. Luc

What home means to me

What Home Means To Me
A home is where love lives. A place where comfort and safety protects. To me, home is a place where I could be myself. Comfort is when I am with my family. I love cuddling and bonding with my family. Like when we have a movie night. It is our time to bond and relax as a family.

Home is a feeling. Home is where you are not alone. Home is where you express your feelings without a chance to be bullied. I love being at home because that is where I can say how my day was and other things that make me feel good.

I really love home because home is my family. On the contrary of what people think, a house is only a structure. Some people that are homeless not only don’t have a house they don’t have a home. I think having a home is more important than a house, because without a home you have no one to share your fortune with. Having a house is also important but don’t forget a house is only the structure. I really think that people should not take things for granted because not everyone has a home or a house.