Grade 4


What Home Means To Me

Home is safe,caring and fun. Home is where I can rest, play and eat, A friends house is not a home. You wouldn’t know where to sleep, play and eat.
My home is safe because it has security cameras and it has all the stuff I love, which makes me feel really safe!
My home is caring because my family is there for me, they always make me feel happy and cheer me up.
Home is where my bed is, my colouring set, toys,books,candy and a lot more.
Home doesn’t mean it is a house. A house could be anything, for example, a town house, an apartment, shack, condo or a mansion. ( if you are lucky ).
Home helps me live by storing food and water for me. Home also helps me by keeping me safe when there are big storms outside or when. I stay inside by the fireplace instead.
A house does not just keep you safe, it also brings back lots of memories. For example, when I first got my cat and she scratched our couch so much that we had to buy a new one!
Home is full of memories like that.
It could happen!
“A house is made out of bricks and beams.
My house is made of hopes and dreams”. ( from the internet )
And that is what home means to me!