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What home means to me

What Home Means To Me

Home is a place where I can go if I need to be relaxed and independent. There is also a lot of people in my home who care for me.

Laying down and closing my eyes make me feel relaxed. At home I do stretches that help me feel calm. Also Just sleeping in my comfy and cozy bed with a warm blanket makes me feel relaxed.

My home is a quiet place that makes me feel content and safe. At home I watch videos on my tablet and it helps me focus. I also just play solitaire when i’m alone that makes me feel content.

At my home I have a mom and a dad that love me no matter what. My little brother sometimes annoys me but he still loves me and I still love him at my home. I also visit my grandma and grandpa and there very nice and they love me like everyone else and I love them like I love everyone else in my family.

Home is a place for peace. That is what home means to me.