Grade 5


What Home Means To Me!

What Home Means To Me!
by: M.D
What home means to me I feel comfortable and with no stress when I am at home. When I walk into my home I feel welcomed, happy and so much more! The reason I feel that is because It`s a place where I can be relaxed and safe and another reason is because my neighborhood is so peaceful!
A home is nothing compared to a house. A home has walls and a roof just like a house but there is so much more than that! A house can be an Apartment, condo or townhouse. I`m always excited to have fun at my home, my home is a very entertaining place. I am joyful when I am home and excited to have fun at home!
Whenever I´m home I feel happy because my home is comfortable and always has happy decorations! I feel greeted by my wonderful dogs when I walk into home they make me feel great after a long day!
My backyard is very entertaining, it’s nice and big with a hill and I’m constantly excited to be making snow angels, planting flowers or playing in the sprinkler. My backyard is another thing that makes my home welcoming!
When it comes to home my family is a big part. Family means home to me because I grew up in my home with my family and it means alot that I get to share a wonderful home with them.
Speaking of growing up, my home means alot because I grew up there and had so many memories. It makes home even better knowing that I grew up there and had so many great times! I’m also very glad I grew up in a wonderful home and That’s what home means to me!