Grade 5


What Home Means To Me

What Home Means To Me

Do You know what home means to me? Home means family, love, holidays and where I sleep.

A house is just bricks, wood, furniture and a roof.

When I say family I mean my sisters, brothers and my parents. When I say holidays I mean where I spend time with my family on holidays. When I say where I sleep I mean where I sleep all the time with my family and where I am comfortable. Also old and fun core memories remind me of home because where I was the time I had a core memory reminds me of home. When I say Core memories I am talking about the memories that I remember the most.

When I say house I mean a shelter. When I say bricks I mean stuff that makes walls. When I say wood I mean stuff that are in the walls. When I say furniture I mean stuff that is inside the houses like desks, kitchen supplies and tools (etc)… . When I sat roof I mean something that is over your head that is made out of bricks.

That is what a house means to me and that is what a home means to me.

The End