Grade 6

Newfoundland and Labrador

What Home Means to Me!

To me home means being with family in
my house,

Getting to relax and hangout with my mom
and my dad,

My home is a place where I can relax, eat snacks,
and be cozy and warm,

We laugh, have fun, and care for one another,
Above all we love each other,

We happily cuddle up to watch movies and play
games, and we make new memories every day,

I swim a ton and when i’m done I come home to a place
filled with fun,

My home is also filled with care and tons of love

We talk to one another and laugh with each other,

I am very fortunate and glad to have my amazing home,
with a comfy bed to lay my head, and my amazing
family too,

My home is special in many ways and I love it very much,
by writing this poem I am helping raise money so that other
people can have a special home too,

What makes a house a home is the amazing memories and people inside it, that is what a home means to me!