Grade 5


What Home Means to Me

I believe that home is the most important place in the world. Home gives me comfort, memories, and meets my needs, which lets me live a happy life.
I feel very comfortable at home sitting on the couch with my family and watching a movie. I am always relieved getting home from school and playing on my iPad. I feel I won’t get embarrassed at home by my family members.
Home meets my needs. I feel loved when I watch hockey with my dad. I feel free to do whatever I want. And I can have fun whenever I hang out with my friends.
I feel home is a great place to make memories. I remember my fifth birthday and where it was. I remember my first tooth I lost – I was six then. I don’t remember my first step but I know it was at home.
Home meets my needs, gives me good memories and makes me feel comfortable, and that’s what home means to me.