Kate Marie

Grade 4


What Home Means to me…

What home means to me…
The meaning of home means that’s where you live and be safe. You also have a good life instead of being in the streets living in a box with no home and no shelter or no food. At home you can be warm in Cold days. Or if it is hot outside you can go home and play there instead of being outside. The meaning of home also means that you are healthy and living a good life. Home is where you can stay warm and comfortable, safe, and sleep. You can also have fun there and have a pet to be entertained. Home is a place to be safe and have fun also be entertained and be healthy. I live with my mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, my cousins and my uncle.

When you don’t have a home that means you are homeless. People who are homeless need homes or else they will freeze in winter. People who are homeless mostly live in allies and boxes.

These are the meanings of home to me.