Grade 5

Nova Scotia

What Home Means to Me

Home is something that we should be grateful for.We sleep in it we eat in it and we play and live in it.It keeps us safe when there is storms,hurricanes,and snow.Some people don’t have a comfy home like us that’s why home is a very important place to everyone.its a place where i feel comfortable in where i can do anything i want like playing and relaxing.What i like about my home is that it’s warm,big,comfortable and clean.You can spend time with your family and have fun.You can also do some activities and art or even cooking and yoga anything you want.For me i just chill on the television and play!

Home keeps us safe by the roof and walls,it keeps the rain out and there are some heaters to keep us warm.Home gives us some privacy from the rest of the world.Its a place where you can stay and sleep in that’s how home keeps us safe from anything dangerous outside like animals, bad weather, and a lot more things.Its also where we sleep in the night and there’s a lot of homeless people in the world i just wish everyone has a good home like me.

If you move to a new house or apartment it will make you happy just like when i was in my country i had a very bad and small home but then i moved here to a new house and felt so much better.I felt like l was going to burst and i hope everyone thats homeless will feel just like me too when they move to there house/apartment.I would also feel left out if i didint have a good home too.