Grade 6


What Home Means To Me

All day I think of getting home from school to be with my family,
I don’t have to worry about going home and being cold.

Where I have shelter over my head, my roof doesn’t leak,
It keeps me dry through the cold, wet rain.

Where I don’t need to worry about not having food on the table morning and night,
My parents work for me and my sister so we have food on the table to eat.

We can play outside without needing to worry about something happening to us.

Where I can go inside and warm up by the fireplace.

Where in bed I can get tucked in by my parents,
I can lay beneath my blankets and be warm not cold.

I wrap my soft, fuzzy blanket around my warm relaxed body.

At home I feel safe.

Where I can be myself and not worry about what people will do to me.

Where I will not be lonely, where I have my parents and my sister.

Home doesn’t matter if you don’t have as much money as others or if you don’t have a big room or if you don’t have a pool.

It’s about family.

When I’m at home I feel Loved, Encouraged and forgived.

Everyone deserves a home.