Grade 5


What Home Means to Me

What makes my home is food not starvation.

I am safe not in danger.

I have family not loneliness.

I have comfort not the cold hard ground.

I have joy not depression.

I have love your not being bullied.

I have hope not sadness.

I have warmth not cold weather.

Having fun with your family.

Playing with siblings and animals.

That is what I think of when I hear
the word home.

Playing with my toys and enjoying myself.

Laying in my bed,relaxing and watching a show.

I love cuddling with my cats.

I love making forts with my brother.

Having fun.

Playing with my beanie boos.

Making movies with my beanie boos.

Having sleepovers.


Doing spa and hair with my american girl doll.

Dancing with cranked music.

playing/annoying my brother.

Playing with my family with my jr electronic set.


Watching my ipad.

Boating and playing on my moui mat in the water.

Home is where you want to be.with love and family and pets.
I love my home it is where i want to be all the time.when i am at home i like to lay in my bed watch tv and relax.i like to play with my toys and have fun.