Grade 5

Blenheim, ON

What home means to me

Home is when you have a place to love and a place to call your own. When you come through the door and look around you see things that people that don’t have a lot of money can afford, you think and wonder what it’s like to not have a home.

Home is when you don’t have to make up excuses to not move out, or when your gone somebody is going to put up a eviction notice. Home is when you can go home after a hard day at work or school you can just chill.

When you’re out for the day you no when you go to a hotel they will try to make it like a second house because it’s as comfortable as your one you have back home. Also when you can’t go to a hotel you should ask if someone that is homeless if they want to stay at your room for the night because sometimes hotels don’t give the money back.