Grade 5


What Home means to me

When I hear the word home I think it means the safest place ever.

A place for shelter and away from danger.

A place far away from fears and I don’t need to worry about anything happening.

A place that is not scary at all.

A time to think about my family and care about them.

A place where everyone loves me.

A place to be as comfortable as I like.

A place to bring courage, joy, hope and love into my life and family.

Everyone is involved, no one’s left out of the fun.

A place where I can hang out with my grateful parents and siblings.

A place where I can meet new friends every day.

A place where I am not bullied or picked on.

A place to make mistakes but a place where you can fix those mistakes.

No one is made to do things they don’t want.

A place where there is always enough food and water for everyone no one ends up with no food on their plate.

A place where no tears are made.

A place to have fun.

A place where I can sleep in as long as I want in my most comfortable bed ever unless I have to get up early.

A place where I get to have fun with my awesome pets.
A place where I can go outside and have an amazing neighbourhood to play.

Home is a place where I can do whatever fun I want to.

And a place I should always think about.

Because Habitat for humanity’s made all different houses for people who don’t have one and for people who need one.