Grade 6

British Columbia

What home means to me

What Home Means to Me

What is my definition of home? Personally, home means where I can express my feelings to my family and trust them not to tell other people. Home makes me feel safe around my family.

Home is also a place where I can feel free to have fun, play board games , and play outside with my sister, and play with my friends, inside or outside.

I feel like home is a place where my friends and family have awesome meals served on the table for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

When I get home from school and step foot in my home I feel super relaxed, especially when I get to watch tv.

Home is where I build memories and carry them on for the rest of my life.Some examples include camping, jumping on my trampoline, playing with friends, sleeping with my dog, learning to cook, falling down my stairs and bbqs. When my three dogs come rushing down after I get back from school one of them smiles at me with his teeth out and it’s so funny. When he does this it makes me feel so happy and makes me burst into laughter. So, what means home to me is where your family is and the memories you make with them.