Grade 4



My home is warm,cozy and welcoming to everyone. When I think of home I don’t just think of a building and a rooftop, I think of my loving family because love and family is what makes a home. My home is where it doesn’t have to be always clean. It can be a little messy. My home is a place where I feel comfortable and it’s a place where I can relax. My home is a place where all of my family have nice and kind thoughts and it’s a place where there’s always positive words. My home is a place where I feel super safe. Home is a place to have fun like playing in my playroom or my bedroom or my gymnastics area. When I go outside in my backyard and play in the snow with my family, my dog, my sled and my snowball maker I think of everyone who does not have a home and who gets very cold and has to roam the streets. When I come in from a snowy blizzard and get all snuggled up into a blanket and have a nice hot cup of steaming hot hot chocolate I think of all of the people who can’t do it. Before I go to bed I think of all of the people that can’t sleep under fuzzy and cozy blankets like me. I am very lucky because my family can afford a bunch of things that keep me warm and help me survive. People who can’t afford a big cozy bed and a comfortable and safe home make me sad. And that is everything that home means to me and how I sometimes get sad just thinking about those people who aren’t as lucky.