Grade 4



When I think of home, I don’t just think of a couple of walls under a roof covered with shingles. I think of the very important, special people that make up my home. My home is welcoming to good friends where we reunite and where new friendships are born!! When I get home from my phenomenal school where I learn so much my Mom and Dad are always there to give me the biggest hug!! When I think of home I think of the happy meaningful memories that are kept secure and safe in my home! When I think of my home I think of all the good friends that surround us in our home. When I am looking for warmth, coziness and love, I can turn to my family inside my special home. My home is where I can cozily curl up in a ball on the nice warm couch under the relaxing heated blanket and I can watch a show with my family! When I am at home I can showcase my true abilities… I don’t need to pretend to be someone else who I am not. When I am at home I can be free, I can express my feelings. My home is where I can safely sleep. In my home there are encouraging, powerful words said when someone is feeling sad, frustrated or discouraged. When I take the key and unlock the door my body immediately fills up with the amazing feeling of glee. My home is soooo much more than just a building. When I cozy up on my soothing bed and I get all comfortable for a safe nights sleep, I think about all the folks that can’t afford to have a cozy, safe home! My home means the world to me!!