Grade 6


What home Means to me

What Home Means to me

Home is where the heart is. Houses have shelter, and give you a roof over your head in the cold winter nights. It is a place where you are welcome at any time, your family is there. Houses are all different, some are small some are big. Over the years, you will create memories, that will always be remembered. When you look back at the good times and family dinners you’ve experienced over the years, you will be grateful. I’ve had an amazing experience at my house, my parents have been lucky and bought a good house to shelter me. I feel it is very important that every single person in Winnipeg, and Canada, has a place to go home to at night. I feel terrible for homeless people, or unlucky people that cannot afford to buy a house or land to build one. I hope everyone has a home to sleep in and that habitat for humanity can make sure everyone is satisfied. I also hope this entry can help raise money to build homed for people in need.