Grade 5


What Home Means To Me

A home Is a special place for a human or an animal. A home is where you’re comfortable, where you share secrets with each other.A home is for everybody it doesn’t matter If you’re big or small .A home is for everyone and everyone deserves it no matter what home it is it’s your friend and when you travel far it will always be your home. A home deserves to be with you and you deserve to have a home ,no matter what you did in your past. So you should be grateful because not many people have one so if you have a home your considered to be lucky. But that’s not all I believe if you did something good or even Great that feeling is going to stick around forever Believe it or not I think it’s true. I think a home special and if you have one or even two use your time wisely because a home is made for special people you may have multiple languages beliefs and thousands of you have different lives and a home where your family could get together have a nice life, share secrets and I believe home is where your most loved.