Grade 6


What Home Means to Me

Home means that your family is with you and you have a warm place to stay in the winter. Home means that you have a shelter, and in the winter you can sit by a fireplace and drink hot chocolate and sing songs and read books and spend good time with your family and friends. It’s also a place to get sleep and be warm. Home is where my room is, my kichen, and more rooms that are helpful. Have you ever heard of “HOME SWEET HOME” and “WELCOME TO MY HOUSE”? Well in this case, it’s “home is where I belong”.

That’s why when people have a mansion or castle, they should remember that some people don’t even have a warm or cozy home or that they don’t have enough money to buy a house or land. They do have feelings and they shouldn’t be treated differently because, after all, they are people, and God’s creation.

Houses are warm, cozy, safe shelters against the wind and cold and tell me do you have a place to say… “HOME SWEET HOME!!!” Let me say that my home is one of the best things I have and that everyone should think the same about their homes. I call my home one of the best things I own and have.

And again, tell me do you think that everyone deserves a warm and cozy and safe place to stay?