Grade 5

Dartmouth NS
Nova Scotia

What home means to me

What home means to me
Home means family and love
Also it means friends and caring
To go farther would be a struggle but,
Home means you can be you
Oh and I also have to say that when you have to love someone that really annoys you and you feel like you hate them but you really do love them
Meaning of is home when the people you care about make you feel good about yourself and comfort you and you could do the same
End your sadness and begin your happiness hi
And make sure your always happy including everyone else around you
Nice is a word that explains how you should act to everyone
Sometimes there’s problems though but that’s normal don’t worry about it
To be specific arguments
On days when you get in trouble with your parents always remember to say your sorry
My idea of doing it is either when you get in trouble or the moment you get out of trouble
Ehem, say sorry!